Tech that I use

Here are the tools, tech, and resources that I've used over the years to run my business, my YouTube channel, secure my digital life, and keep on pumping out content.

⌨︎ Email & Marketing Automation

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is my top recommended email marketing platform for the majority of users. Despite the huge range of options, the interface is intuitive enough to get up and running quickly, with the power to scale into all the more advanced automation.


I use Kajabi just to host our digital courses and products, but it can also host your entire website, landing pages, and email list, and it now also packs in marketing automation! Kajabi is an amazing 'all-in-one' option for anyone that wants to sell digital products and courses, with everything you'll need to start creating, marketing and selling.


A must-have when using Kajabi, ThriveCart takes care of the checkout, billing and invoicing part of selling online products and services. It can calculate VAT and other tax rates as well as provide options for affiliates.


It's more important than ever to sound like you on social media, even when you automate your posting. MeetEdgar is not just your scheduler, but this platform also is built to fill your social queue faster, share your content in the right places at the right time, keep your feeds fresh and diverse, and help you grow your audience. MeetEdgar is our choice for managing all of our social media platforms in one place.

⌨︎ YouTube


Tubebuddy completely transformed the way I run my YouTube channel. It streamlines everything from keyword research & competitor analysis, to everyday channel management tasks. There's a free plan to start, but I recommend at least the Pro plan for most people.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic is a crowd favourite amongst YouTubers because of its awesome track library and 'all-you-can-eat' plans. They make it super simple to find new, fresh music you haven't heard 1000 times, so it's one of my go-to resources for YouTube content.


I script all of my videos. After lots of testing with numerous teleprompting apps, Speakflow has come out on top of them all for its accurate voice detection. It's become my go-to teleprompter service.

Custom Thumbnails

Worried that your thumbnails aren't good enough? Give this service a try. I've had some huge success with this service, with much higher click-through rates than I used to get!


I used all sorts of transitions, animations, lower thirds, graphics and so much more from MotionVFX. Highly recommend them to make your editing overall so much easier.

Ali Abdaal - Part-Time YouTuber Academy (PTYA)

I was in Cohort 3 of PTYA, and it's been a fantastic and valuable resource to me over the years. Since signing up, I was also asked to be a housemaster for Cohort 4 and ran sessions in Cohort 5. I love the community and meeting new creators!

Brand Deal Wizard

Justin's course has helped me negotiate how to negotiate! I'd highly recommend this for anybody getting started in terms of sponsorships and brand deals. Similar to Ali Abdaal's course, this is the place to go to get help.

☁️ Cloud Services


Be sure to back up your data! From my own testing, Backblaze came out on top as the best overall cloud backup service. It's affordable, fast, secure and reliable.


By far THE fastest VPN service I have ever used. It's also the most open about its privacy including from those who own.

1Password / Personal / Family / Teams / Business

1Password won my mega comparison of all the other password managers. Everybody should be using this!

📱 Apps


By far one of the best Calendar and Productivity Apps. Fantastical keeps me super organised by being able to integrate all of my calendars, from Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft 365 Calendar into a single App.