1Password for Teams | Password Manager Review

If you run a small business and you need to share passwords, then take a look at 1Password for Teams
1Password for Teams
1Password for Teams

If you run a small business, or maybe even a side hustle where you and a couple of other people are working on something, and you need to share passwords, then take a look at 1Password for Teams.

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One challenge with a small business is sharing information with other people.

I'll say this now; you shouldn't be using online chat, email, Facebook or anything like that to share that information because you will be that unlucky person one day who wakes up and discovers that your account has been hacked.


1Password, in my opinion, is one of the very best password managers out there.

It's secure and has zero trackers (compared to LastPass, which has seven trackers).

It works on everything on any device from any location, and it's secure.

You can also set up 2 Factor Authentication, and you can also use it with a Yubikey, which is a physical key that protects your password manager even further.

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Why wouldn't you go straight to the 1Password Business tier?

Firstly, 1Password Teams is cheaper than Business - at $3.99 instead of $7.99 per user per month.

Secondly, it doesn't come with what some could say the more 'enterprise' features.

For example, 1Password for Teams doesn't come with advanced security,  where you can prevent people from accessing from other countries. It also doesn't give you as much granular control over who can see what passwords and has none of the 'big business' stuff, which will hook into company networks.

What it does have, is still plenty for most of us muggles running a small business.

It works on any device. Mac, PC, Android, Linux, and you can store unlimited passwords, credit cards, bank information, and even gives you 1Gb per person of secure storage for documents.

Using this, you could store passport information or insurance documents, which can be handy if you don't already have a good Cloud Storage solution.

You get good support from a company that genuinely cares for their customers and they also pride themselves on customer experience. Something which I've seen first hand throughout my own time of using their products.

Lastly, with 1Password for Teams, you get five guest accounts where you can share passwords with people outside of your bubble, so whether that's family, friends, outside contractors, co-workers that don't have a license - it means you can securely share your information without risking a breach.

That pretty much sums up 1Password for Teams in a nutshell. It's something I use with my own business (this website, YouTube and Coaching through my team) and it's something I would recommend all business owners get setup when running a small business.

You can grab a free 14-day trial of 1Password Teams, or get 50% discount on a 1Password Family subscription. There's also 50% off a 1Password Personal subscription too.

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