Don't use Google Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome Password Manager
Google Chrome Password Manager

Do not use the built-in Chrome password manager - it doesn't matter if you're on Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows.

I'm going to tell you the reason shouldn't be using the Google Chrome built-in password manager and instead, should be using a dedicated, proper password manager.

It's one that's so important to understand because if you get this wrong, then you'll be caught with your pants down. Kinda like Matt Damon did recently. Nice.


Hi, my name is Pete, and for the last 10 years, right up into last year, I ran my own IT business. We helped look after businesses of all sizes here in the UK, and one issue that cropped up from time to time, was when someone swapped machines, couldn't remember their various google passwords and the only solution was to start from scratch.

BUT, they needed all of their passwords which they had been conveniently saving into Google Chrome for the last 5 years.

One of the biggest reasons you shouldn't store passwords in Chrome Password Manager can be found by watching this video right here. Every time it was necessary, my staff who were a lot cleverer than I would always find a way, in some form, to extract the passwords from Google chrome, without knowing any of the login details or information.

So whilst Google does offer the most convenient solution, because lots of us are using Google chrome already, and it handily pops up to ask us if we want to store our passwords when we type them in, it's far from the most secure, and definitely not the best.


Reason number 2, passwords and other information stored in Google Chrome are only good when you're in the Chrome browser. You can store more than just passwords in Chrome, such as Debit and Credit card information, but It's quite a painful process when you're in a shop wanting to pay for something, to get your phone out, open up google chrome, and go through the menus to find the information. [And you can't store pin numbers in Chrome!]

Going back to the browser - sometimes there are websites that just don't work in certain browsers, so even if you want to use Chrome, you can't. If you use an iPhone, then you'll probably want to use Safari with all of the optimisations it has, perhaps at work you're locked down to another browser.


The third reason is on the odd occasion you might want to share a password with someone. With Chrome? It's impossible. You just can't do it.


The best solution to all of these issues is to use a proper password manager.

Earlier this year I tested pretty much all of the password managers, but spoiler alert, the one I feel is best is 1Password. If you want to get a proper password manager, then there are some links down below that get you up to 50% off a subscription depending on which license you sign up for.

To be honest, almost anything is better than a built-in browser password manager. Be that Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, whatever it may be.

With a proper password manager, you can store your data. Login information, Passwords, card details, bank details, copies of your passport and driving license, and pretty much whatever you need. You can even store those 2 Factor Authentication codes in some password managers to save you the hassle of opening yet another app to be able to log in to your favourite website.

Because the 1Password app is designed really well, if you ever need a password or bank card then you can just fire up the app, sign in using FaceID or fingerprint, search straight away for what you need, and get to that information with no fuss.

You can share passwords between friends, family, or co-workers, and you can even create custom fields to store non-password information like say, the answers to security questions, or memorable dates, or even upload documents like driving licenses and passports for safekeeping.

Please don't use Chrome to store your passwords, use a proper password manager. Again links down below for some cool discounts, and if you have any questions or think I'm wrong - change my mind!

Next, go and watch this video to see how to make your 1Password account even more secure with a Yubikey. Thanks for reading!

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