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Vitality Health Insurance
Vitality Health Insurance

Here is how I get a lot of my Tech, subscriptions, and some other non-techie stuff, for free or at a significant discount. I signed up for something called Vitality.

Vitality is one of THE best and THE most rewarding and valuable Health or Life insurance policies, and I've mentioned it in a few of my posts and every time I get asked 'What is this vitality that you keep talking about'?

So here's the answer, where I'm going to talk about what Vitality is, how much it costs me, all the free stuff I get each month and all the discounts that you can get, and if any of that sounds interesting to you, here's the link to sign up and you will get £100 for doing so!


If this is your first time here, hey, my name is Pete, and I make videos and posts around the latest tech, cloud services, and some money stuff, and this kinda fits into the tech and money category - so if that sounds interesting then please consider heading over to my channel, and clicking the subscribe button - it really helps support the channel, so thanks.


Well, here in the UK it is a company that provides private healthcare. If you need any treatment, you don't need to wait for the NHS which due to recent events, now has the longest waiting time in UK history - instead, you can just go through the private system.

They also offer Life insurance, and there are some added benefits for signing up for that. So stick around until the end and I'll cover off those too.

So - Health Insurance, here is how much it costs and what I get.

I pay around £45 per month for Health Insurance, and in return that gives me private healthcare cover for pretty much any treatment that I may need in the future.

That's all of the 'important stuff. Now let's look at the Good stuff. The freebies. The discounts. The stuff that makes this 'valuable' to me. By spending £45 per month, I get all of this stuff from Vitality.

Every week I get:

  • A Free Coffee at Caffe Nero £2.50 and A free Movie on Rakuten £2.50
  • A free Cinema Ticket £8
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership £8
  • Cashback on my American Express Credit Card £10
  • 25% Cashback on a food shop up to £100 £25
  • 50% Discount on a Gym Membership £50
  • 12 Months of the Headspace App £4.17
  • Oh, and a free Apple Watch! £12.50

All of that comes to £137.67. And that's just the ones that I personally use!

Otherwise, you can also get 40% off Samsung Wearables, 36% off Fitbit, 40% off Garmin, 50% off Health Screenings. 75% off Spa Resorts, 20% off Hotel Bookings, discounts on Nike, 6 months access to Peleton, 50% off trainers, 40% off Withings, and still there's more!

All of that combined adds up to way more than I'm paying on a monthly basis even when adding the cost of the policy itself, and for me - is incredibly good value for those benefits alone, let alone all of the actual health insurance benefits you get of having a private medical cover, which hopefully I'll never have to use.

All you have to do to get most of those benefits is do 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week.

OR, do more than 12,500 steps each day, which many people do in their jobs anyway.

The idea is that if you stay fit and exercise, then it's less likely that you will need to claim on the insurance policy - so it's in their best interests that you keep fit, and they incentivise you to keep fit by giving you these discounts and rewards.

Absolutely, 100% well worth it in my eyes.


That is just the Health Insurance cover. What about all the other benefits you can get from taking a second policy out with them too?  I did this recently by switching my Life insurance policy over to Vitality.

When you have 2 policies you can qualify for this thing called 'Vitality Pink'.

Vitality Pink will increase the 25% cashback on food shops up to a huge 40% cashback, and then on the American Express side of things, it doubles the cash back you'll get on any spending from 1% to 2%.

Because I already had a health insurance policy on Vitality, and I already had a life policy elsewhere, it made total sense to move this to Vitality and get those extra benefits. It doesn't cost me anything extra, but now we get to save up to 40% on our food shops and I'm getting money back every month on everything I spend on my personal Amex card.

So again, all things considered - this is a really nice life hack, so to speak.

Put money in the machine, and get more money out overall.

So if you want to sign up for your own policy, then visit this link where you will receive £100 for signing up, head over and subscribe to the channel for more handy dandy tips like these, like the video if you haven't already and also click the notification bell to be notified when new videos are posted.

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