How to digitally sign a document on windows

Digitally Sign a Document on Windows
Digitally Sign a Document on Windows

You should NOT be printing, signing, scanning, and emailing your legal documents in today's world.

It's like using a cheque - People just don't do it anymore!

..... Take note solicitors...., who in their right mind uses cheques anymore... seriously !?

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In this post, we’re going to be focusing on how to digitally sign documents using Windows. For Mac users - you need to watch THIS video..... so if you are a PC user, then let us continue our important work!

So let's put 2 minutes on the clock, and get straight to it!


For Windows, you will need to download a piece of free software. There are various ones available, but today we're going to look at the most common one, which is possibly already even installed on your PC - Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader has been the industry standard PDF Reader and Creation software for so many years now, and it's kind of a surprise that Windows doesn't have anything built-in that can do this, kind of like Mac does.... not saying that Mac is better or anything... but... ehhh.....

So head over to the Adobe website to download their free PDF Reader. If you're not sure how to do this, just head to google and search for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Hit enter, or if you're searching on google's home page you can roll the dice and click the 'I'm feeling lucky button, and it SHOULd... take you straight to the download page.

If you weren't so lucky, then you just need to click on the link for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free PDF viewer download.

Once there, hit the Download Acrobat Reader - run through the setup - and now it's installed.

Cool... although I think that probably just smashed the 2-minute timer and we haven't even opened the PDF yet... ! Damn Mac's are so much better...


With Adobe Acrobat installed, all you need to do now is open any PDF that needs signing.

Once open, look on the right-hand side for something called 'Fill and Sign'.

Click on this, then click again on the left-hand side to Fill and Sign.

At the top of your screen there'll be this new toolbar that's appeared, with a button called... tada - Sign! Click on that then click 'Add Signature'

Now, much like on Mac, you get a few options here.

You can either type your signature, and it will generate a signature for you.

You can draw your signature if you have a tablet, or are really good with your mouse, or you can upload an image of your signature. So you could sign a piece of paper, take a photo and then upload it.

But today we're just going to go to type our signature. Hit Apply, and boom - your signature is now in the document.

All you need to do now is change the size, then head up to file and save. And that is it!

Now just fire up your favourite email editing software, attach the signed documents, and away you go!


Shame we didn't nail the 2 minutes - Thanks Windows...

But I hope that was of help.

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