I'm Hiring

Hey All! 👋🏼

I'm looking to hire some help for my Tech YouTube channel (we're about to hit 100k, woo!)

It would be part-time, to begin with, but it may expand to full-time if I find the right person.

Ideally looking for someone who:

  • is passionately interested in their tech. (Phones, Tablets, Screens etc.)
  • already consumes YouTube content from other tech creators
  • is obsessed with YouTube
  • understands how to read YT Analytics
  • can write full scripts in a near word-for-word basis in my voice (appreciate this will improve over time)

I'm based in the UK, and it would be great to work with someone local. But also happy to consider anybody who thinks they might be perfect for this job!

If you're interested - please DM me on Twitter

Let me know why you think you would be ideal for this role, who your favourite tech creators are (and why), and any experience you have that would help.

You'd be joining a small team - Me, my Editor, VA, bookkeeper and full-time Ops manager.

As you progress, I'd love for you to share tasks with my Ops manager - handling emails, negotiating brand deals & communicating with brands, managing my schedule to script/shoot/edit & publish, getting stuck in with ideation, title & thumbnail research, and basically, a bit of everything!

Pete Matheson

Tech Reviewer. Dad. Husband & Chocolate-lover. Sign up for giveaways and behind-the-scenes on running a creative business

Pete Matheson

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