Is NordPass the Best Password Manager? | NordPass Review 2021

NordPass Password Manager Review
NordPass Password Manager Review

NordPass is something I touched on briefly in my last review of both free and paid for Password Managers, however as I've seen a few comments now on those video's I've taken the time to make a separate video and this post as we look at the specific details of NordPasses offerings.

This post has come at the perfect time because NordPass themselves contacted me directly to ask if I would take a look at their software on my channel, so thank you to NordPass for sponsoring the video for this post, and thank you to everybody who has commented asking me to take a look at it.


First up, for those of you first-timers - Hi my name is Pete, and I make videos around tech, business, and sometimes finance stuff. Please head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe if you want more of that and don't forget to go find that like button and give it a click, as it genuinely does help me out here on this weird career of being a YouTuber.

First up a quick anti-caveat, so to speak. You heard that this video was sponsored by NordPass, and they have given me a license of their paid-for password manager. However, all opinions here are my own, both good or bad - and if anything, when someone pays me to make a video, I almost feel obligated to try and find the bad stuff more than the good stuff - so let's see how it goes!


We are going to use the ground rules from my previous Password Manager video, as then at least they're all in line with each other - and makes it much easier to compare.

Afterward, if you think NordPass is the one for you - I'll leave a link in the description below where NordPass has set you up with a seriously generous discount - so use that link to sign up and - thank you NordPass!

What we're looking at today for Nordpass is Security, Ease of Use, Support, any major Frustrations, and Pricing.


So jumping straight into, Security.

It supports 2FA out of the box from the likes of Google Authenticator, Authy and Duo also you can use Biometrics to secure access when using mobile - hardware 2FA is kind of there with the likes of Yubikeys, though a Reddit post online explains that you need to use the Yubico Authenticator alongside the Yubikey to get the one time password.

NordPass is also using the more recent XChaCha20 encryption algorithm which is actually better and newer than many of the other password manager apps out there, including 1Password and Bitwarden. So, point to NordPass right there.

One we covered in my last video was any embedded trackers, and with the Android app for NordPass, there were 4 trackers found. Three of them for tracking and reporting on any app crashes or bugs, and the fourth is from AppsFlyer which is a marketing tracker. Personally, I'm against this as I'm not sure why you need a marketing tracker embedded within something that contains sensitive information. I mean, I know why, because - well, marketing. But I'm definitely not a fan.

That's not to say anything untoward is going on here, as you saw in my recent video - LastPass had 7 trackers, and amongst other things - that was a big no-go for me. So, just one to be aware of if you're really security conscious.

I did speak to NordPass about this, and they informed me that they will be getting rid of AppsFlyer very soon, and it may have already been removed at the time of you reading this post.

However, the date stamp from Exodus Privacy is reporting from version 2.17 of the Android app on the 22nd Feb. I'm currently on version 3.7. So that would seem like they've done a fair few updates.

NordPass also gives you Password Health reports and data breach notifications if your passwords ever get leaked online, both really nice features to have so you can stay on top of any security breaches.


Well, I have to say this is definitely one of the more pleasurable experiences when migrating data.

Nothing too complicated, but it's nice to get a summary of the data you're importing, and the breakdown of passwords vs credit cards vs personal data. So yeah, big check there.

With the client itself - I think this might win the award for the best-looking client so far. It is SUPER clean, with no distracting or unnecessary options.

The only slight annoyance I saw was when you launch things like the Data Breach Scanner or Password Health then it popped up in a new window, which was always in the center of my screen. And I have a stupidly large screen where I normally push small apps like this to the side.

The built-in password generator is also similarly clean and lets you easily change the length, characters, and all sorts.

Sharing passwords - again, really clean. Easy to set permissions, though an issue I have seen for me at least, was that there doesn't seem to be a way to create custom fields.

The mobile client, also - really great! Works with biometrics to unlock without having to type in your master password all the time, nice and graphical by looking up the favicons I guess for each website

All of these Apps just look new, you know? This isn't far off as this is a relatively new offering in the password management app market. So what I guess I'm saying here is that they've just done a really good job of designing something with a really nice, clean aesthetic. Congrats on that one!

For those of you wanting to get into your passwords when out of mobile signal, then you can view passwords offline but you can't edit them. Something which would be nice to have, so if you do need a password manager that fully works offline then you'll need to look at the likes of 1Passwords or Keeper, though watch my last video on why I wouldn't personally recommend Keeper either...

On the mobile side, I found the process really easy to set up and it was filling in the passwords within minutes.

I did have an issue on the Android side with it not filling in passwords on a certain website, like I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, tried changing a few settings - but right now it's with their support to take a look at.

This conveniently brings us on to the next item... Support!


They have online chat, which is a great start. They answered quickly and I didn't have to queue for ages like some others that I've used before.

I had a lovely chat with Rachel who took me through the usual troubleshooting steps and I sent over the support logs from their app, which they looked at whilst I was with them on the chat, rather than what I was expecting of a 'we'll take a look and come back to you'

A really good experience with support!

For major frustrations, with NordPass - well other than the android issue which I have half a feeling was just me - as I'm basically an android newbie for anyone else watching my recent 'iPhone user switches to android' videos.

Other than that - I don't have many, any really?

Full Offline access would be nice to have, for me - personally, but that may not be as important for you as me.

I think that's really it? No real actual frustrations really...


For pricing - it's one area where NordPass is really, REALLY strong. Like, one of the best. £1.84 per month for their premium tier with their current promotional pricing.

If you use this link then that price comes down to something like £1.05 per month so almost half price!

Unlimited devices, unlimited passwords - so yeah, that is really, really great when looking at pricing, which gets you a really straightforward, clean, almost minimalistic password app - I like it.


OK, so recommendation time. It's a relatively simple answer.

If you are looking for a clean, simple, dare I say minimalistic but secure password manager then NordPass is a great option. And when you factor in the price, as well as that massive discount - well, damn, that is a really strong contender.

For me, personally - I won't be switching, because I need things like that full Offline Password access - but it is a good option for others like I mentioned before.

Take a look at my other videos and posts around the best free password manager and my best overall password manager. Please do head over and subscribe to the channel for more videos, click the join button to become a member, for no reason at all, and I'll see you in the next video!

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