New PS5 Owner? Here are the BEST Accessories to get

The best PS5 Accessories
The best PS5 Accessories

Congratulations on FINALLY getting your hands on a PS5 - you have made it to one of very few. Today we're talking about THE best accessories you can buy for your PS5.

There are a whole host of accessories from charging, to audio, to the tv you're actually playing on - and today we're going to cover off 5, maybe 6 accessories that I believe every PS5 gamer should get to compliment their PS5.


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Links will be in the description below for anything I mention, and I'll try to find the best price for each of these things. With that said and first up, let's talk Audio, and specifically headphones.

Playstation has their Pulse 3D Wireless Headset which, in terms of headsets, is relatively affordable compared to the likes of Turtle Beach and Sennheiser - but are they really worth getting?

My answer here is Yes BUT, and it's a big but, because the sound of these things is pretty good. It's loud enough to give you a headache when you want it to be, it has superb clarity and the spacial audio really does work well when playing many of the headline titles like Spiderman where you can really sense where everybody is in the world around you, and on Black Ops where you can hear those Zombies a few feet away from you.

But unfortunately where this headset falls down is on the microphone, because number 1, it picks up a lot of background audio, so if you're in a noisy room, then that will all come across on the Mic. Number 2. The mic is built into the headset, so it just sounds like you are a foot away from the microphone when you're speaking.

Not something that you will really care about since you're not the one hearing yourself - but if you play with friends then it can get annoying when the headsets pick up background noise from the TV and feed it back through to others playing with you.

This becomes even more apparent when you switch to a different headset that does have the Mic on an adjustable stalk, like my Arctis 9X for the Series X.

The Pulse 3D Headphones are VERY good. But if you can stretch to spending half as much on top, then I would definitely recommend the Steelseries Arctis 7P which, in my opinion, has the same, if not better audio than the official Pulse 3D. It is also more comfortable, has much better mic quality, and in my personal opinion, the controls on the headset are much less confusing to use than the Pulse 3D - which I found myself not wanting to adjust mid-game in case I hit the wrong button by mistake. Something that will come in time I'm sure, but after a month of owning this headset, I still don't have the muscle memory for the right buttons yet.

Headset audio is done, what about speaker audio?


Well, I'd always recommend a proper surround sound setup with an AV Receiver and Speakers, but without getting into audiophile-level and blowing a tonne of money, I'd recommend something that sits fairly nicely in a mid-tier pricing range whilst also delivering a great sound. For me, that is the Sonos Beam. For the price, they deliver a really punchy and clear sound when playing games of all types, and as they don't take up a tonne of space, are the perfect companion for most TVs.

This one connects via HDMI to your TV's Arc port or Optical audio, has an ethernet port to wire into your network or can work wirelessly, and can be wall-mounted if you wanted to put this directly under your TV.

It has built-in Alexa and Google voice assistants, Airplay 2 Compatibility, and a handy feature that syncs to your TV's remote so it can control your TV. All in all, a brilliant piece of kit for the price. Though if you start adding on the surrounds and sub, you won't be far off going that full audiophile experience of the AV Receiver so just keep that in mind if you think you might buy the Beam, then a couple of surrounds, then a sub.


That's audio - now on to a simple one. The charging dock for your controller or controllers. Whilst I've tried and tested a few of the cheaper ones on Amazon, I just can't find anything to beat the standard Playstation charger. It's small, doesn't have any bright always-on LEDs that seem to plague some of the other chargers, and plugs in separately to the console so always charges at decent speeds than others that charge via USB.

Not really much else to say about this, it does what it says on the tin. Takes around 3 hours to fully charge which then lasts for around 8 hours, and has LEDs that light up only when charging. Nothing special, and it just works.


Next up is storage, because I'm sure we are all pretty surprised that both the Playstation and Xbox only ship with 1TB of Storage, which is even less once you take into account the operating system. With the PS5, grab a Samsung T7 SSD. The one I'm using (click here) is a 500Gb Version, and it's pretty affordable but also, more importantly, It's fast. Very fast.

Whilst you won't be able to play PS5 games directly off this drive due to limitations on the PS5 and external storage, it does make copying games back and forth that much quicker. Alternatively, just move all of your PS4 games to the external drive which you can play directly off of, and keep the built-in storage purely for your actual PS5 Games. Maybe one day in the future Call of Duty won't take up half of the storage space and thus means we won't need external storage, but for now - it is what it is, and this is by far the best, fastest and most affordable drive that I've come across.


Then we have the TV, because of all things, the TV is probably one of the most, if not THE most important accessory, if you could call it that.

Recently I purchased an incredible OLED, 48" LG C1. This is just mind blowing for the quality of graphics that you get when playing games in 120Hz and with that OLED panel which shows all of the blacks at their blackest, and gives such great colour and smooth performance to an already great performing PS5. I think this really does bring out the very best of the PS5. I'll be honest, I bought this with the mindset I wouldn't notice much difference than with my 2015 model. But damn, I definitely do!

If you look at the 48" model then it's relatively affordable given the quality that it delivers, but of course this isn't a cheap accessory by any means.

I won't bleat on about this TV for too long though, because I made a video all about it which you can see if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Anyway, thanks for reading, and here's another video that I'll think you'll like to watch.

Subscribe to the channel and like this video if you did, otherwise I'll see you in the next one. Thanks.

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