Productivity Project 2 - Clean & Minimal 49” Desk Setup!

This week we're taking a look at this really clean and simple productivity desk setup featuring an Ergodesks Atlas Desk.
Ergo Desks Atlas Electric Sit/Stand Desk
Ergo Desks Atlas Electric Sit/Stand Desk

This week we're taking a look at this really clean and simple productivity desk setup from Jez. If you see anything you like we'll have it all listed for you in the description down below so you can check it out. Let's kick it off now, with Episode 2!

Now first up let's start at the base, this is an Ergo Desks Atlas Electric Sit/Stand Desk and this thing can easily hold the weight of my huge 49" Dell Ultrawide monitor. Not only that, but it can also hold the weight of me - which after lockdown is actually pretty good going.

Not only can it support my weight, and the weight of the huge screen and monitor arm, but this thing lifts. It can go up and down with all of that weight on top, and it can actually lift up to 120kg which basically means it can lift anything you can throw at a desk.

Now, this is the third Ergo Desk that I've built in recent weeks, and I would definitely say that if you are considering getting one of these - then get the optional cable tray and be sure you get a programmable switch with memory functions. It just makes using and tidying these electric desks so much easier. Or if you don't want or can't afford the cable tray, then I'd highly recommend grabbing a 6 or 12-way extension lead and either screwing it to the underside of the desk or simply grabbing an Amazon cable tray and putting the extension lead in that.

On top of that desk, we have the Dell 49" Behemoth of an Ultrawide, Curved screen which is a monster in size, but it makes everything an absolute pleasure whether it's productivity or gaming or just some standard email and social media usage.

This screen has a single USB C Cable that can hook into any USB-C computer, and it will both charge and pass through everything to the Dell Screen.

It really does open the doors to carrying around a really light laptop with you day to day, and then coming home or to the office and having the feel of a proper desk set up with a large screen and full keyboard and mouse as well.

Now one thing that I love about this desk setup is that the Dell screen is mounted on an Ergotron HXHD monitor arm, which is actually one of very few, if not the only monitor arm I've found that can support the weight of these 49" ultra wides.

It means you can completely remove the stand that comes with the screen, and even the desk mount itself is mounted way off to the right to add to that floating screen feeling.

But what really shocked me about this arm is that it is completely effortless to move the monitor around once it's mounted. Up down, left-right, in out even twisting the screen is so easy to do. Massively recommend getting one of these arms if you have such a big screen like this, so much so that I'm going to grab one for my own home desk set up just after writing this post.

Connected to that screen is a brand new Apple M1 Macbook Air, with 16Gb of Memory and 512Gb of Storage, and this thing absolutely flies. I genuinely can't wait until the next range of Apple Silicone chips come out to see what they do here.

The bonus of having one cable to charge and connect to the screen just makes it so much easier to use here. Now thank you to some fantastic companies who are collaborating on this post, we've decked this machine out with the best of the best when it comes to Cyber Security.

We've got 1Password loaded on to make sure Jez is using secure and unique passwords with everything he needs.

We've got WeVPN which, as from my recent testing is by far the FASTEST VPN in town, pretty much maxing out my own broadband speeds even when connecting to locations hundreds of thousands of miles away. It'll also let Jez stream his favourite shows across Apple Tv, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video and so many more - and make sure he's securing himself when using any Public or untrusted WiFi connections whilst travelling.

If all else fails - Backblaze are coming in strong with a full cloud backup service that will make sure everything on your computer is backed up and safe from any virus, ransomware or any other issue that risks him losing his work or family files. Backblaze again won my best cloud backup solution when I compared them all, and all of these, 1Password, WeVPn and BackBlaze each cost less per month than a Starbucks Coffee does.

Finally, we have the chair which is my own current all-time favourite, the Herman Miller Embody, which is both beautiful looking and super comfortable, and as adjustable as a chair can possibly be. I never thought I'd spend this much on a chair for myself, but for something you spend most of your life sitting in, it's well worth the money.

Either sit on it whilst the desk is down, or you can easily tuck it out of the way, under the desk when you raise it into a standing position.

Thank you to all of the companies mentioned in this post for providing their products or services, and we've got a giveaway coming up very soon so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for that.

Otherwise, next go and watch my Desk Setup video of my own 49" Ultrawide screen - and we'll catch you in the next one.


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