The Best Password Manager for Android

Why the Beta for 1Password 8 is worth a try.

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Around eight months ago, 1Password did something they'd never done before; A full public beta of a new release of their next-generation client for Mac.

The Beta didn't go down well with a large part of their existing developer audience because 1Password 8 for Mac was developed on a new platform called Electron.

Now, broadly speaking, nobody cares about Electron.

Slack, Skype, Discord and WhatsApp are just a handful of apps which already use Electron, and none of them seem to have as many complaints with their client as to when Agilebits (1Password) announced the change to Electron for version 8.

Following that Beta, version 8 was released to the masses earlier this month and has been received very well since then.

Its speed, efficiency, and notable flagship feature called Universal Autofill are a few reasons why 1Password made one of the best Password Managers for Mac even better.

It's one of the most secure password managers available; with zero embedded trackers and with features and integrations that no other password manager has, there is little reason why you would want to go with another password manager.

So when I saw breaking news that 1Password 8 for Android was in Public Beta, I jumped at the chance!

And because 1Password 8 for Mac was designed in Electron, I'm hopeful that the full Android launch won't be too far away.

You see, Electron gives 1Password a massive advantage.

Because once you've designed an App in Electron once, it can work across other platforms with very minimal work.

It's part of the magic behind their recent development decision to use Electron, and based on my experince with their Beta for Mac, which went largely without a single issue or bug, I would imagine most of the tough work for 1Password 8 for Android has already happened.

Now it's just a case of fixing any specific OS level bugs with it working on Android.

Because there has always been one thing that's come with my repeated testing and switching from iPhone to Android - The inconsistent experience between the various Password Managers I've also been reviewing.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, with no real rhyme or reason for why.

So I absolutely can't wait to see what 1Password can achieve with their public Android release.

And if you're an Android user and haven't already signed up for the Beta, I'd highly recommend you do so here.

There's also a free trial, to begin with, and if you sign up using the links below, you'll get a further 50% off a Personal or Family Subscription.

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