The ULTIMATE 2021 Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 Accessories
Oculus Quest 2 Accessories

In this post, we're going to cover the must-have and best accessories you can buy for your Oculus Quest 2, 2021 Edition.

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So let's get stuck straight in, links will be in the description for everything I talk about, and if there's anything you think should be on the list - leave it in the comments, and if there's enough interest I'll go buy it and give those a test as well.


Going from cheapest to most expensive first up are lens covers from VR Cover. These stop dust and protect against accidental scratches whilst generally moving the headset around. They also stop my cat from his strange fascination of sticking his head in and licking the lenses.... eugh - so - well worth it for the small price.


Previously I've complained about the lenses fogging up, but using these lens wipes it's pretty much solved the issue for me. They're great to both clean the lenses and to reduce how quickly the lenses fog up, so if you struggle with steaming up whilst playing boxvr or beatsaber, these are just for you.


I've had these AMVR Grips for 6 months or so, and these things have stood the test of time really well. They still look new, haven't fallen apart, and they just make the quest controllers more comfortable, more grippy, and because of the strap, you can physically let go of the controllers without dropping them.

This might sound silly, but you'll find that as soon as you put these things on, you won't be gripping the controllers as hard, which then means first-person shooter games where you are picking things up, it's all that more immersive as you're not constantly aware of these 2 lumps of plastic in your hands.


I actually have 2 versions of these which I'm swapping between regularly, and they are also from VR Cover. These are the Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Sets. I love them as they're really padded, generally feel more comfortable, and block out more outside light - but I also really like the foam replacement sets which just fit over the existing one. They're wipeable, so really useful if you're getting a bit sweaty when playing and then a mate or other half wants to have a turn.

If you aren't fortunate enough to have good enough wireless to wirelessly play games from a gaming PC, then I'd recommend getting one of these Quest Link cables - it's not the official quest link cable, which is hella expensive. But it does the exact same job with the caveats of being a little shorter, however still plenty long enough to be stood near or next to your gaming PC. It doesn't have a right angle connection, which for me didn't cause any issues.


In my last video, I found a better alternative to the basic strap which came with my Quest 2, from Amazon. However I did finally get hold of the Elite Strap after stocks were running low, and I can definitely say that this is marginally more comfortable than the cheaper one, and it's definitely better build quality. Yes, it is double the price - but to me, it's worth it to have something that I know will last.


For a case, I've tried a few, but the official case fits really nicely. It's a solid outer shell that gives you really great protection and inside you can fit everything you need providing you're not using things like battery packs which can make the headset much taller. If so, you'll need to take those off to make your quest fit.


To charge your quest 2, then the Anker Charging Dock is definitely a must-have, though they can be quite difficult to get hold of. It uses a magnetic attachment to quickly and easily charge your headset when putting it on the stand. It also includes rechargeable batteries and just makes charging, storing, and using your quest really effortless.

The only downside is that if you're leaving this in the open then it can get a little dusty, but it is great if you are a daily user and want to easily pick up everything and know that you won't need to swap batteries halfway through.

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