Vitality Health & Life Insurance

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Vitality Health & Life Insurance

I've had both Life and Health Insurance cover with Vitality for the past 6 years, and in this post I want to break down the benefits and why you might want to sign up.

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The Benefits

Other than the life and health insurance benefits Vitality offers, the key attraction for me is that the other benefits basically bring the monthly cost of what I pay, to £0.

Weekly Rewards

  • Caffé Nero - Free Coffee
  • Mindful Chef - £10 off Weekly Shop
  • Rakuten - Free Movie

Monthly Rewards

  • Free Odeon or Vue Cinema Ticket
  • Free Apple Watch
  • 2% Cashbook on American Express Card
  • 40% Discount on Waitrose

Other Rewards

  • 20% Off Expedia Hotel Bookings (Added March 2024)
  • 25% Off Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels
  • FREE Fiit Membership
  • FREE Headspace Membership
  • Up to 40% off Garmin Devices
  • 25% off Specialized Bikes
  • 36% off FitBit Devices
  • 50% off Nuffield, PureGym, and Virgin Active Gyms
  • 50% off Running Shoes
  • 15% off Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • 40% off Withings Activity Trackers
  • 75% off Champneys Spa Stays & Days

Recently Removed

  • 50% off David Lloyd Membership (Ended Dec 2022)
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership (Ended January 2024)

How do the Weekly and Monthly Rewards work?

Once signed up, you need to keep active and collect points which then automatically go towards awarding these rewards.

You collect points by doing any of the following:


  • 3 Points for 7,000 Steps Per Day
  • 5 Points for 10,000 Steps Per Day
  • 8 Points for 12,500 Steps Per Day
  • 5 Points for 30m Workout at 60% of your max heart rate
  • 8 Points for 60m Workout at 60% of your max heart rate
  • 8 Points for 30m Workout at 70% of your max heart rate
  • 5 Points for visiting a Nuffield, PureGym or Virgin Active Gym
  • 5 Points for a 30-59m activity rate of 300kcal burned per hour
  • 8 Points for 60+ minutes at 300kcal burned per hour or 30+ minutes at 600kcal per hour


  • Complete or Volunteer for a 5k Parkrun

Is it worth it?

If you are already spending money on some of the above activities or devices, then you may well find that joining Vitality pays for itself with the savings you will receive!

As a family, we've also used the Vitality GP facility, which gives us near-immediate access to a GP (via video call) who can send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. I would argue that it's almost worth the monthly cost for that alone, given how long it takes to book an appointment with our local GP!

Also, upon reaching Platinum Status each year, the premium you pay typically reduces each year, which is another incentive to stay active and earn points.

Although I've been a little upset that they have removed rewards I was using, like Amazon Prime and David Lloyd Gym membership, I'm still happily getting value from Vitality. I will happily stay a member for the foreseeable future.

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