How to Add Your Signature to Any PDF Document on the Mac

Add Signature to any PDF on the Mac
Add Signature to any PDF on the Mac

Hello and welcome back, to what will be a good old Two Minute post.

Not particularly one for business owners per say this week, but will help you if you are a business owner who signs a lot of paperwork.

You know those people who, when you ask them to sign something… well, they print the document out, they’ll fill it back in, then they’ll scan it and then email it back to you?

Yeah – please don’t be one of those people.

In this post, we’re going to be focusing on Mac users, for PC Users, check this article instead.

So let’s put 2 minutes on the clock, oh it’s been so long !

And let’s get straight to it.

So For Apple mac’s, all you need to do is use the built in software to sign them electronically, You don’t need to download extra software, you don’t need adobe pdf reader like many people think – I mean, yes you can use Adobe PDF, but this time we’re just focusing on free software that comes pre-installed with your mac – so we’re looking at the built in software Called, Preview.

Take your PDF, open it up in ‘Preview’ on the Mac. If you’re not sure what preview is, then There’s a few different ways to open it up. Firstly, if you just highlight the PDF that you need to sign, by clicking on it once, then just tap the space bar. This will bring up a preview, wink wink, of the file you need to sign.

At the top right corner, you can now click Open in Preview, to fully open this file.

Or you can right click on the PDF, Open With, and make sure you choose Preview.

Now you’re in preview, all you need to do is click the pen icon in the top right, then click on this icon – which is the signature icon.

If this is the first time you’ve done this, then you’ll need to hit create signature.

Here you can either use your trackpad, to create your signature. You can use your camera, which will allow you to sign your signature on a piece of paper, and then use the camera on your Mac to scan it in, or you can use your iPhone or iPad to create your signature – pretty clever!

Once your signature’s created, all you need to do is literally click on it, then drag it to where you need it to be – change the size, then save and you’re done!

Now you have your fully signed file, all you need to do is open your favourite email application, attach the file, and away you go! No more attaching ridiculous scanned in copies because nobody needed that mess.

You know, when I was signing a lease document recently, the document was printed, signed, scanned, and emailed to the second party, who printed, signed, scanned and emailed the document to me… and by this time it was barely readable because every time your scanning this in, the quality just isn’t there.

Anyway, I think… think we beat that 2 minutes…, yeah!…

As I said earlier if you are a PC and not a Mac, then read this blog post instead.

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