MagBak Accessories

MagBak Accessories

The only case I use across all of my devices.

Phone cases are much of a muchness nowadays. They all serve the same purpose by protecting your phone from drops, bumps and scratches.

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There are thick ones, thin ones, indestructible ones, colourful ones, and ones you can print literally whatever design that you like.

So when I came across MagBak about 3 years ago, I was dubious to think that it would be anything other than 'just another phone case'.

But I was wrong!

The Genius of Magbak Cases

You see, the thing that makes MagBak cases unique is the fact they stuff a lot of very strong magnets into their phone cases.

Yes, this means that phones like the Pixel 8 Pro and S24 Ultra can use Apple Magsafe devices - a feature many other Magsafe cases also offer to non-Apple devices.

But the magnets in the MagBak cases are strong enough to stick your phone to literally any metal surface.

But what's the point of that?

Ah, I thought the same, young padawan. But it has been far more useful than I'd ever imagined, and it's beyond being a gimmick that you use to show off to your friends yet never actually use.

The shortlist below are some practical daily use cases I've found

  • Sticking my phone to Gym Equipment so I can have my workout routine in easy reach.
  • I stuck my phone to a literal wall in a Hotel whilst on a facetime call, whilst I got dressed.
  • Sticking to microwave or fridge doors whilst listening to music, watching a video, or on a call whilst in the kitchen
  • Sticking to random surfaces whilst out and about to capture photos hands-free, without having to take selfies.
  • My wife even dropped her phone a couple of times when getting out of her car, and the case stuck to the car instead of dropping onto the floor!

It also never gets old seeing the looks some people give when I stick my phone to a vertical surface and it just sticks there.

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