I Used an UltraWide Monitor for 1,924 Days (Worth It?)

Today I tell my story of upgrading from using a dual monitor setup to one big UltraWide screen.
I Used an UltraWide Monitor for 1,924 Days (Worth It?)

It's been 5 years and 99 days since I switched to my first ultrawide monitor, a 38” Dell Ultrawide, and I haven't looked back. As someone who has run an IT business and spent countless hours at my desk, this change significantly enhanced my work and gaming experience.

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The Switch to Ultrawide

Five years ago, I made a switch that I still appreciate every day: moving from a dual monitor setup to a single ultrawide monitor. Here’s why I think an ultrawide monitor might just be the upgrade you need.

The Benefits of Going Ultrawide

  1. Increased Desktop Space: The immediate benefit is vast desktop space. It feels like expanding from one to three screens because you eliminate the dead space caused by bezels in dual setups.
  2. Optimal Ergonomics: An ultrawide setup offers a more natural seating position. You face the center of the screen rather than constantly turning to use the primary monitor, which often becomes the default with dual setups.
  3. Enhanced Accessibility: On both Mac and Windows, everything is centrally located, which streamlines workflows. Although Mac users might find the top menu a bit far on the left, it’s a minor inconvenience for an otherwise smoother experience.
  4. Multi-Tasking Mastery: With higher resolution ultrawides, I find myself comfortably keeping multiple applications open—up to 15 at a time. From Spotify to project management tools like Monday.com, everything is just a glance away without feeling cluttered.

Streamlined Setup

The beauty of an ultrawide monitor is not just in the screen space but also in the simplicity it brings to your desk. Fewer cables, fewer power sockets, and less overall complexity make for a cleaner and more efficient workspace.


Interestingly, a single ultrawide monitor can be more cost-effective than multiple smaller monitors. It uses less power and often provides better value, especially when you compare features like refresh rates and connectivity options.

Why Ultrawide Monitors?

The variety of ultrawide monitors is astonishing. From the 49” Samsung Curved Mini LED to the latest 40” Dell Curved Ultrawide OLED, these monitors offer features like built-in USB hubs, superior contrast ratios, and versatile mounting options that outperform standard setups like the Apple Studio Display.

Gaming on an Ultrawide

For gamers, the ultrawide format can transform the gaming experience by offering expansive views of the virtual worlds. Fast response times and high refresh rates make these monitors ideal for gaming, though it's worth noting that the most immersive experiences require powerful hardware.

Considerations and Drawbacks

Despite their advantages, ultrawides are not without their flaws. Sharing screens during video calls requires some adjustments, and the physical size of larger models can be challenging in terms of weight and desk space.

The Future of Monitors

As technology advances, we’re seeing ultrawides that could represent the "endgame" of monitor setups. However, they still have areas to improve, like weight management and connectivity options, especially for Mac users.


After over five years with an ultrawide monitor, the benefits to productivity, gaming, and general usability have made it impossible for me to go back to a traditional dual-monitor setup. If you're considering an upgrade, an ultrawide might just be what you need to revolutionise your desk space.

Final Note

The switch to an ultrawide monitor is more than just a tech upgrade; it’s a new way of interacting with your digital environment, whether you're coding, gaming, or just trying to get through your daily tasks more efficiently.

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