LG 45" OLED 240Hz Gaming Monitor REVIEW | Perfect for Almost Everyone!

Reviewing the just-released LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor (45GS96QB-B). With the $1,700 price tag, we'll see if this BEAST of a monitor delivers on its promises. Is it worth buying for gaming?
LG 45" OLED 240Hz Gaming Monitor REVIEW | Perfect for Almost Everyone!

Welcome to our deep dive into the 2024 45” LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor. If you're wondering how it stacks up against last year's model, you're in for some pleasant surprises!

Unboxing the 45GS96QB Model

The unboxing experience of the LG UltraGear is both simple and satisfying. The package includes all you need to get started: a power brick, stand feet, a height-adjustable stand, a cable management clip, and necessary cables like Power, DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB C. Setting it up is a breeze—one person can easily handle it by attaching the stand in the box and lifting the monitor onto the desk.

Enhanced Features and Specifications

The LG UltraGear boasts a 45” OLED panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a stunning 800R curve, enhancing the immersive experience. It displays at 3440 x 1440 resolution with a swift 240hz refresh rate. Connectivity is robust with 2x HDMI 2.1 Ports, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 Port, and a USB-C port supporting up to 65-W Power Delivery.

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The monitor features a 0.03ms response time, Variable Refresh Rate, and supports HDR 10, FreeSync, and G-Sync. Other gamer-centric enhancements include Picture IN Picture, Picture BY Picture modes, built-in speakers, and Vesa Certified HDR True Black 400. The MLA+ technology on the OLED panel significantly boosts brightness, reaching up to 1300 nits.

Curve Comparison and Practical Experience

Having used various monitors, the 800R curve of the UltraGear provides a genuinely enjoyable gaming experience without the edge distortion or reflection issues seen in wider screens. This model offers more screen area than a 49” ultrawide with a 32:9 aspect ratio, making it feel more immersive.

Performance Testing

Our tests pit the UltraGear against favorites like the Samsung G9 OLED in frame rates, HDR brightness, and overall usability. It excels in PC gaming, with specs including an Intel 14900K, 32GB of RAM, and a 4090 Graphics Card, driving high frame rates across various games at maximum settings.

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Design and Usability

The design remains sleek, with thin edges and a sophisticated LED lighting setup on the back, though it's subtle enough not to overpower when the monitor is placed against a wall. The unchanged stand is height adjustable and includes a cable management hook, though its footprint may be cumbersome on smaller desks. I often opt for an Ergotron Monitor Arm to free up desk space, enhancing ergonomics significantly.

Connectivity and Power Usage

This year's model features an upgraded USB C Port with 65w power delivery, a welcome addition for MacBook users and others requiring moderate power for connected devices. The LG UltraGear is also more power-efficient than some competitors, an important consideration for those conscious of energy consumption.

Gaming and Productivity Dual Use

While the UltraGear excels in gaming, its resolution and pixel density are not ideal for productivity tasks that benefit from higher resolutions. However, it performs admirably in less demanding desktop tasks like video playback and casual web browsing.

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Console Compatibility and Extra Features

The monitor handles console gaming well, with necessary adjustments for aspect ratios on devices like the PS5 and Xbox. It offers Picture In Picture and Picture By Picture functionality, useful for multitasking. Despite the absence of a remote control—an odd omission—the OSD menu system is intuitive and responsive.

Considerations and Alternatives

For those deciding between this and other models like the 49” Samsung G9 OLED, the UltraGear offers compelling features that might tip the scales, especially for dedicated gamers who prefer a more immersive and responsive experience.


The 2024 45” LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor is an exceptional choice for gamers seeking a top-tier ultrawide monitor. With significant upgrades over its predecessor, it stands out in the crowded market of high-end gaming displays. If gaming is your priority and your budget allows, this monitor is among the best investments you can make.

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