The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games | Top 5

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games
Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and for those of you who are watching after picking up an Oculus Quest 2 over Christmas – Congratulations.

This post is all about what, in my opinion, are some of the best games that you can get on the Quest 2.

And make sure to read until the end because after we’ve looked at the games, I’ll also briefly cover my top accessory that I purchased for my Quest 2 over Christmas.

Game 1

Let’s first of all start off with the first game, which is my favourite Multiplayer Game so far, and it’s even better because I’m pretty sure this is still 100% free, and that is Echo VR.

EchoVR is basically the game that you see being played in Enders Game, but with a few tweaks. Essentially it’s 4 vs 4 and you work as a team to throw your frisbee through the opponents goal.

What makes this so good, is that you do get to move around a lot, as you twist and turn to catch the frisbee, defend the goal, or boost off your teammates to get there before the other team does. But this game is honestly a genuine pleasure to play and makes the most of the fully wireless experience you get with the Quest and Quest 2.

You can team up with friends, chat openly, or practice with the fun physicals in the lobby before getting into a proper game. It’s well worth a try.

Game 2

The next game is my favourite shooter, and that goes to Robo Recall which was a game that I first played on the Quest 1, but is just so good.

Like EchoVR, Robo Recall can make such good use of the space, providing you have the space, that it’s just so immersive. You can literally walk around, and pick up objects, robots, guns off of the floor. The most fun I’ve had with this is in the garden where there’s so much more space – but as you may know with the Quest, you can’t really use it outdoors unless it’s overcast as the sun just blows out the cameras on this thing and makes it unusable.

But with Robo Recall, you run, teleport and shoot your way through varying levels and upgrade your gear along the way. The way you can literally move to dodge bullets, and even catch bullets mid-air, throwing them back at your enemies, it can really leave you breathless some of the time.

There’s a great mix of action and a little comedy mixed in to keep the game feeling fresh, fun and entertaining.

Game 3

Next we’re on to Fitness, which I got blasted for in my last video because apparently people don’t use this for fitness – but I would argue that fitness is one of the best selling points on the Quest and Quest 2. Everyone’s locked in their homes here in the UK, gyms are closed, it’s too cold outside so what’s better than using this thing to at least keep fit?

And it’s a tough choice for fitness to be honest, because there is such a huge variety of games for fitness.

FitXR is probably my favourite for a workout, because this mixture of music and boxing and squatting is great, but for me personally it does get old after a while playing the same tracks. But for a pure workout thing, it’s great.

After FitXR then something like Thrill of the Fight is awesome, a more realistic boxing experience which actually gets you moving around your space as you try to beat your opponent. This hasn’t yet gotten boring for me as it’s been a fairly new purchase, but I can see that perhaps when you reach the ‘end of the game’ so to speak, then you may run out of things to do other than play the same fights again and again.

But the one that hasn’t ever gotten boring to me, even after playing it for over a year – is the staple which everyone should at least try when they get their VR Headset, is Beatsaber.

Game 4

Beatsaber is by far one of the best games on VR. Did you ever play Rockband or Guitar Hero on other consoles? It’s basically a VR version of that. And in the newer released of Beatsaber they have 360 degree maps which make you twist and turn to slash all of the notes in the right direction and in time to the music. With difficulty ranging from Easy to Expert you’ll be sure to find a level that suits you.

What takes Beatsaber to the next level, for me at least, is that you can upload your own tracks into Beatsaber and play them to your hearts content. This, and this alone is the reason why Beatsaber hasn’t ever been boring to me, because if you take a look at, there is an endless supply of tracks which people have mapped out for you to play.

If you don’t know how to do that, you connect your headset to your computer, install an app called Sidequest and then use that to kind of crack the game – it’s not a crack, it’s not illegal, but as it’s not something the game developers can allow on the Quest directly, you need to use this other tool to do so. But yeah, for me – being able to find any song to play has been fantastic, and on fitness – well if you can keep up with some of the tracks on Expert, at 360 Degrees, then you’ll get a great workout too.

Game 5

And lastly this brings me on to my favourite Quest Link game. Which I know is a bit out there because it’s not something you can just download onto your quest headset, but hear me out. Using a Quest Link cable, which is basically a cable that you connect from your headset and to your PC – You can play pretty much any VR Game from your PC, on your Quest 2 headset.

But my pick here, for the best Quest Link game, is Half Life Alyx. It is by far the best produced, most interactive game that I have played so far on VR. The graphics are fantastic, because of course it’s using all of the power from your PC and not the headset directly, but you can pretty much interact with anything else in the environment, cups, chairs, doors – and the control systems they have for selecting weapons, upgrading them and just overall the game play is just incredible.

It also gives Five Nights at Freddy’s a run for it’s money for scaring yourself, because when you are in pitch black and you can hear a face hugger crawling around near you, and all you have is a torch and a pistol – it can make you super anxious, believe me!

Overall, Half Life Alyx is the game we have all been waiting for in the Half Life series, it’s not quite Half Life 3, but it’s not far off – and the end will give you an insight into what’s coming next, but I won’t tell you about  that because, well, spoiler alerts!

But otherwise the only thing left to say about Alyx is that the game is a good length and you won’t finish it too quickly, so I believe it’s really worth the price to buy this game.

There you have it for my top recommendations when it comes to games for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

I’ve also shot a video that’s coming out on Sunday which talks about some of the best accessories to buy, so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and signed up for notifications to know when that one goes live.

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