Flip and Fold: Samsung Gymnastics!

A Jam-Packed Day in the Life with Fold and Flip 4!

💬 In this week's issue:

  • Day in the Life. We plan our first Day in the Life tech videos!
  • Favourite Stuff. Advanced preview of what I've been using/reviewing
  • Latest Videos. Catch up on the latest videos on the channel

🤦🏼‍♂️ Introduction

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Black
Photo by Evgeny Klimenchenko on Unsplash

We're super excited to be planning our first Day in the Life videos.

What better way to test out the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 and Fold 4 than to put them through their paces in real-world days out.

So Chris, my Brighton-based friend and new-hire - he's doing OK ;) - has put together a day of thrills and chills in Brighton to test out the Flip 4 and see if we can realise its full potential. We won't give too much away but a nostalgic trip to the Palace Pier is definitely on the cards! I'm going to have to keep a close eye on Chris to make sure that he doesn't spend our entire day's budget on the 2p machines...

We're also excited to be bringing along a professional videographer for the day so this will free me up to really put the Flip 4 to good use, testing out its camera, battery and the increasingly popular folding form-factor!

We're also planning a Day in the Life video for the Fold 4, which is essentially a phone-come-tablet. And at around the £1,700 mark, it had better blow my socks off! For this one, we're off to Portsmouth for a boat trip, dinner, and of course some essential work stuff! We'll keep you posted on this one as the plan comes together more fully!

I know I mentioned this last week BUT I just have to reiterate how stoked I am for the absolutely NUTS new monitor from Samsung, the Odyssey Ark. We've been hounding Samsung to try to get our hands on one so, here's hoping!!

🗞 Favourite Things

  • Synology DiskStation DS1522+: Yesterday, I put out a video reviewing the Synology DiskStation, which Western Digital kindly sent me to review. I love it when brands I admire send me their latest tech and, I have to say, this one is a belter. With over 17+ terabytes of data across my devices, keeping it all backed up and safe is always a priority for me. This thing definitely solves that problem!
  • If you're a gamer, like me, and own the PS5, you'll appreciate how frustrating it is when you run out of space to store your games. With CoD totalling around 150gb, I quickly ran short of storage. This 1TB SSD by Western Digital really saved my bacon on the storage front!
  • I'm absolutely loving the Kindle Paperwhite at the moment. Sometimes it's hard to find the time or motivation to read in an age of instant-gratification media. But there's something very humbling about reading a book. Kindle grants the best of both worlds (tech and good old-fashioned books!) for a convenient reading experience. The BEST thing about this though is that you can highlight quotes and it will save them all to your Amazon account. So it's really good for self-development reading!

📱Giveaway Update

Here's an update for the giveaway

Paperlike and 1Password Collab giveaway! The winners of this giveaway have been emailed with their codes. If you are waiting for yours still, hit REPLY to this email! Oh, and check your spam folder, just in case!

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5. tarapetersen2

This month, very excitingly, we are giving away a brand new Google Pixel 6a! Yes, you are in the runnings for this spectacular device, for free! Everyone loves a decent giveaway!

🎥 This weeks videos

Highlights of the latest videos published on the channel

Keeping 17+ Terabytes of data SAFE! https://youtu.be/jTy8LzrQbBc

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