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🤦🏼‍♂️ Introduction

We've all seen the announcements from this year's WWDC and, if you haven't, where have you been? Get out from under your rock!

I tuned in this week with Chris (you know, the other chap who pretends to work on my channel) to watch this year's Apple announcements and my, my, my, it did not disappoint.

There are new 15 inch Macbook Airs with 50% more battery life - madness! There's the new Mac Studio with double - yes, double! - the performance of the previous generation Studios. And a new Mac Pro, for which the starting price is in the region of one hundred million dollars (insert Dr Evil GIF here).

But all that aside, the standout announcement was undoubtedly Apple's Vision Pro: Apple's answer to a VR headset. If it's as good as they say it is (and all of the tech reviewers have confirmed it's in fact BETTER), then I'm super excited to buy (yes buy! For a whopping $3,500!!) one when it's released next year. I just really hope I can hook up my Xbox or Playstation to this somehow to play games on a huge screen whilst sat on the sofa!

I've no plans to review the new 15" Air, Mac Studio or Mac Pro - let me know if anybody is interested and I might be persuaded to change my mind!

So, aside from the overshadowing Apple announcements, I'm gearing up (quite literally!) for a busy season. The Pixel Fold is coming soon and, considering how much I loved the Samsung Z Fold 4, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Pixel does in the folding phones space.

I've got a Samsung G9 OLED review coming soon too. Monster of a screen and it's raw performance is pretty unmatched as far as I'm concerned!

I've actually been wearing the Garmin Fenix 7x for the past couple of weeks, instead of my Apple Watch Ultra and, DAMN, is it good. The other day, I climbed a mountain, ran an ultra-marathon, flew a helicopter through a canyon and jumped out of it and went skiing down a sheer cliff face, all with the Fenix strapped to my wrist!

I'm joking, I mostly sat in my home office and did the occasional session at the gym!

But jokes aside this thing really is good. It's good in different ways to the Apple Watch Ultra. But I won't give too much away here as there will be a full review coming up on my channel very soon!

Favourite things. Garmin Fenix Watch. Vitality health insurance keeping me fit. I got a new Whoop strap band. Hit 90k subscribers, almost at that magic 100k when the YouTube Plaque arrives! Cannot wait for that - though honestly the numbers aren't a big thing to me. I don't check the app multiple times a day to check - I open a few times a week to reply to comments. My wife actually told me we'd hit 90k! Bandwerk?

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